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Dave Pena @dfpena@pluricorp.com
Look at this guy, Larry Bell. No work since 2014 eyy??? Look this is hard.... and I know... really ... I know... Taking the keys away is going to be a bummer #independence, but there comes a point for every generation to stop letting grandpa operate the heavy machinery. My mom had to pull my 80 year old grandpa's car battery. He kept sneaking out with the car like a teenager. We have to stop letting these guys/gals make climate decisions that they will not likely need to deal with. The reality is Climate change is happening. It is sooooo ridiculously accepted that major journals have separate journals just for scientists to publish their work on climate change. If you do not own an AARP card today, it is very likely YOU WILL, if you have not already, see the direct effect of climate change on your personal well-being. Right now you might be thinking to yourself... ok ... ok.. I know. I know... let's recycle some stuff and get hybrids... no, no... electric cars... should be fine.  No friend, no it wont be fine... You see carbon cycles :
Do you see that part of this little figure that says coal, oil, and gas??? That stuff is mostly made up of plants that died 300 million years ago during the carboniferous period. At that moment in the history of this planet, there were no organisms on this planet that could break down what plants are mostly made of, cellulose, so when plants died they just piled up on top of each other slowly getting buried by earth (no longer the case). This process that happened millions of years ago, pulling a huge amount of carbon out of the atmosphere, left us with awesome climate we used to have before humans started to mess with it. THEN WE FOUND THIS black stuff in the ground that we could light on fire and was really easy to drill in large quantities, so like a bunch of greedy idiots, we started pulling that locked up carbon from deep, deep underground and burned it, sending carbon into the atmosphere. Then we continued to do that with increasing efficiency for over one hundred years. Turns out, carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, and increasing temperatures result in the increased prevalence of other greenhouse gases. We all looked at each other and blamed moon volcanoes for a generation for increasing climate temperatures: Is it sinking in yet???? Even if we stopped burning all oil, natural gas, etc. today... it wouldn't really matter... we ALREADY PULLED OUT THE CARBON. We have too much carbon in our cycle. Plant a tree you say??? What happens when that tree dies? That carbon eventually ends up back in the atmosphere when it decomposes... We are on the Titanic, and we bumped into the iceberg, but we are all, for the most, part blissfully unaware, dancing in the ballroom, while the lower decks are already filling with water. In my humble opinion, we should be locking that carbon back down and definitely not doing this... that will not help. 

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