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Custom Algorithm Engineering Services

Boost your laboratory's research capabilities with our tailored algorithm engineering solutions. Our team of seasoned experts collaborates closely with you to develop cutting-edge algorithms that align with your specific objectives and requirements.

Small Project

Small Project

Streamline or integrate existing systems, 10-15 nodes. Perfect for established laboratories seeking to enhance efficiency and productivity.

$7,000 - $8,000

Medium Project

Medium Project

Pilot experiments with no existing code base, 15-30 nodes. Ideal for early-career investigators striving to expedite their first publication.

$8,000 - $9,000

Large Project

Large Project

Designing and coding experiments for entire grant aims, 30+ nodes. A comprehensive solution for investigators who require complete programming support for their grants.

$9,000 - $10,000

Annual support for each project is $5,000 after the first year, including maintaining code functionality, package updates, and code changes not involving new nodes.


Explore the impactful research and groundbreaking studies to which Pluri's products and services have contributed.

Zebrafish Tumor Graft Transplantation to Grow Tumors In Vivo That Engraft Poorly as Single Cell Suspensions

Amanda Lipsitt, Nicole R Hensch, Rodrigo Moreno-Campos, Kunal Baxi, Jiangfei Chen, Anil K Challa, Eleanor Y Chen, Myron S Ignatius

At Pluri, we are proud to have remotely contributed to a groundbreaking study focused on angiosarcoma, a highly aggressive and deadly tumor that affects vascular or lymphatic tissues and can spread rapidly. Utilizing data collected from the tp53 deleted zebrafish mutant, which spontaneously develops angiosarcoma, we played a crucial role in the development of a new grafting technique for angiosarcoma in zebrafish. Our expertise in designing algorithms and analyzing engrafted tumors significantly improved the understanding of the tumor microenvironment and engraftment rates. Our remote collaboration and data analysis efforts have led to the creation of an innovative approach that preserves the tumor microenvironment, paving the way for more effective research into angiosarcoma treatments. Our involvement in this research demonstrates Pluri's commitment to advancing scientific knowledge and finding solutions to complex problems through remote data analysis and collaboration. By partnering with researchers around the world, we aim to make a positive impact in the field of medical research and help drive innovative solutions to the most pressing health challenges.

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Calcium dysregulation and compensation in cortical pyramidal neurons of the R6/2 mouse model of Huntington’s disease

Katerina D. Oikonomou, Elissa J. Donzis, Minh T. N. Bui, Carlos Cepeda, Michael S. Levine

Pluri provided the StremeCoder platform to support a crucial study on Huntington's disease (HD). Dr. Donzis contributed to algorithm design and data analysis. The study investigated calcium regulation in a mouse model of HD at different disease stages, using advanced imaging and electrical recordings. Researchers discovered altered calcium activity in HD mice before and during symptom progression, identifying potential targets for new treatments. These findings could lead to the development of novel therapeutic strategies for HD.

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Repeated footshock stress induces an escalation of cocaine self-administration in male and female rats: Role of the cannabinoid receptor 1

Andrew D. Gaulden, Erin A. Tepe, Eleni Sia, Sierra S. Rollins, Jayme R. McReynolds

Stress is a major factor in developing and worsening substance use disorders (SUDs). In this study, researchers aimed to understand how stress affects drug use by studying its impact on cocaine intake in both male and female rats. They used a model that combined daily electric footshock stress and cocaine self-administration, leading to increased cocaine intake. The authors used StremeCoder to efficiently process their behavioral data. The study found that the stress caused a similar increase in cocaine intake in both male and female rats. However, female rats exhibited some distinct behaviors, showing greater sensitivity to a drug called Rimonabant, which affects cannabinoid receptor 1 (CB1R) signaling. The results suggest that stress can significantly change cocaine use and that CB1R plays a role in regulating this behavior in both sexes.

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The implementation of a novel graphical p aphical python edit ython editor (STREMECODER) in a rodent discrimination apparatus

Supraja Kalva, Thomas Mast, William Sverdlik

As interest in neuroscience grows, researchers require accurate and specific tools to conduct behavioral experiments in an affordable, automated way. However, many existing tools and methods can be difficult to understand and adapt, especially for non-programmers working in labs without access to programming expertise. In this study, a young scientist designed algorithms and used Pluri's StremeCoder software to create a user-friendly computer program for a rodent odor discrimination apparatus. This project aims to provide an accessible and easy-to-use interface for laboratory staff to conduct their experiments in an automated, flexible, and user-friendly manner, bridging the gap between complex tools and the practical needs of researchers.

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